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Leave no one behind

ShareMusic and Performing Arts held a symposium on the subject “Leave no one behind”. The day started with chairperson of the cultural board in the West region of Sweden held a speech about rights and the right to culture.

Sophia Alexandersson from ShareMusic held a conversation about a music labb from their project Crossing Motion. Musicians from the classic tradition met musician and dancers from ShareMusic. The labb was ledd by professor Nigel Osborne from Edinburgh University.

Deborah Kelleher from Royal Irish Academy of Music told us her view of the situation on Ireland. The current president is urging for a greater inclusion. Even if Ireland is bit behind on the question of accessibility, there’s a will to change and develop.

Vera Khitruk from M.Tank University in Belarus told us that the government is eager to make people with a disability more visible in the culture. She showed us som examples of that.

After lunch we had a live music session with DJ Arthro.

Romina Ramos from Swedish Agency for Participation showed us some statistic that told us that people with disability more seldom engage in culture activities, are less educated and often without a occupation or employment.

At the end of the day a panel for future thoughts where held and they had a discussion about how it’s now and where we ought to take the future.

The day was inspiring and gave food for thought, and some new connections.

Program of the day.