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Exhibition and music contest!

After three days of work in Sundsvall we’re now on the train back to home. We’ve been working with a gallery run by the art union of Sundsvall. You can find their gallery at Trädgårdsgatan 20, in the central part of the city.

About 40 artist from studio Inuti in Stockholm participated with objects in different media, such as photo, sketches, painting, mosaic and sculpture.

We met many curious visitors and talked a lot about Inuti as a workplace.

Come saturday evening we went to see the final of the national music contest Musikschlaget, held at Aveny, Quality hotel.

10 music artist fought about the first price. Winner was Santiago Rubio and Big Blue Band with their song Tranquilo. Everybody participating are winners, but there’s one who wins a bit more…

Katerina and Quinten did sketches during the evening. Katerin gave two of her sketches to AnnaMia, the host of the evening, and the artist Soy who was the music entertainment during breaks and the after party. It was very much appreciated.

Våra kollegor från KoK – Tomas Fogelholm jobbade som greenroom reporter och Olle Norberg var festivalgeneral. Ni gjorde verkligen ett bra jobb, vi är så imponerade av er.

Our colleagues from KoK , Tomas Fogelholm was a green room reporter during the night and head manager of the whole event was Olle Norberg. What a work you all have done, we are very impressed!

A joyous and intressering business journey!

All the best from Anneli and Katerina