Tillbaka till kalendern

Annual meeting 2020

KoK:s annual meeting will be held Wednesday 25th of March, 10.15 AM- 11.45 AM. After lunch the KoK conference will start.

Do you want to take part of our annual meeting, but not the conference?
Mail kerstin@kulturochkvalitet.se or call 076-67 12 766
It’s free of charge to attend our annual meeting.

Nita Lorimer is head of the nominating committee. Do you want to get in touch with her?
Mail to nita@a-konst.se or call 073-200 35 32.

You can become a member of KoK at the meeting. We will treat all members to lunch afterwards.

Not a member? You are still welcome to participate and listen to what we say, but you can’t vote.

Meeting documents
To come…

Dags för årsmöte.