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One giant leap together!

During the Stockholm culture festival we got a request to do a performance on space as a subject. A space allians was formed! Just kidding but a Great Collaboration was forged between cultural workers from different workplaces for people with disabilities.

We made a SPACEWALK, not a catwalk, to celebrate de 50th anniversary of the spacewalk in 1969.

The SPRAK orchestra from Medis5 played music on instrument made by themselves. Dancers from Mosaikteatern made a dance performance and the project DansVariation held a dance workshop.

The dancers suits was made by artist from Stiftelsen Inutis ateljé at Lilla Essingen. On stage you could spot anything from aliens, new planets and space pets. Ateljé Inuti Västerbroplan and Kungsholmen also worked on the suits.

The singer Soy from Sundsvall sang both songs she wrote herself and other famous space songs.

Many people were involved in making this show happen. We learned a lot about how we can work together in a good way and what we need to think about to make things work.

We are VERY happy and proud over getting the request from Stockholm Culture festival about doing this on stage during prime time!

A short movie from the Spacewalk
The whole Spacewalk.

Collaborates: Kultur och Kvalitet genom arvsfondsprojektet KulturBYRÅkraterna, Stockholm läns Kulturförvaltning, Medis5, Dansvariation (Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan), Mosaikteatern, Stiftelsen Inuti.