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Our growing coral reef!

Even though the coral reef around the world is shrinking, our reef is growing! The Coral reef made a tour to the town of Hallsberg after a special invitation to their Towns week.

The municipality of Hallsberg and the Culture room AniAra were behind the week and had invited us to join them on monad and tuesday. The Coral reef is the idea of ateljé Inuti.

The Coral reef has been in places such as Stockholm culture festival and the Culture house of Skarpnäck. But this time it was Hallsberg! Sea cucumbers, sea urchins, octopuses, anemones, algae and more were added to the reef.

We had an sea urchin expert who helped us grow, we found some wondrous fluffy yarn and had a curious audience. Some of the inhabitants also came and helped the reef grow.

In the park the worlds first “Gyliafon” was introduced, “gylia” in greek means glas and “fon” means sound. AniAra had the “empathy box”, a tower and many installations being made as the days progress. We had two really awesome and inspiring days!

Take a trip to Hallsberg and check out what is going on!

Do you wanna invite the coral reef? Feel free to contact us!

In collaboration with:
Kultur och Kvalitet med arvsfondsprojektet KulturBYRÅkraterna och Konferensguiden, Kulturrummet AniAra, Ateljé Inuti, Hallsbergs kommun och Region Örebro län.