Magazine Mosaic

Why a Magazin Mosaic

We are missing a culture magazine in Sweden about the culture created by people with intellectual disabilities and neuropsychiatric disabilities.

Magazine Mosaic will strengthen the knowledge within society about these cultural expressions. This culture ought to be seen, mirrored and talked about.

Magazine Mozaic valued are rooted in UN:s Article 30 about everyone’s right to culture, in UN:s “Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities”. Article 30 is about people with disabilities having the opportunity to cultural development, not only for their own benefits but also for the enrichment of society.

About Magazine Mosaic

Magazine Mosaic is a national cultural magazine working with freelancing editorial staff in Sweden.

Our magazine widens the perspectives on culture and mirrors the cultural life in Sweden and abroad.

(under construction, English webpage to come)

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Our goals

4 issues a year
Magazine Mosaic will be issued four times a year.
Digital and printed magazine
Magazine Mosaic will have a digital and printed issue.
Freelance editorial staff
We will create a network of freelancing editorial staff in Sweden.
Strengthen the cultural knowledge
Strengthen the knowledge and give the reader new cultural perspectives.

Kerstin Björsson

Legally responsible editor
Project Manager
+46 (0)76-67 12 766


Martin Nauclér

Editorial content


Peter Johansson

Lay out


Hanna Björklund

Editorial content


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