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Screening COLEGAS

The movie Colegas is about three persons with Downs syndrome. Together they go on a road trip filled with adventure. During the road trip, they make their dreams come true. One want to fly, another one want to get married to a singer and a third want to see the ocean. The screening went very well.

We got to met Nisti Stêrk and Aliye Parlayan fom Stêrk production. Nisti is working with her very own script. She’s getting inspiration from the Colegas movie. The technician John, who’s working at Skarpnaecks culture house helped us with chairs, table, technique and the light in the saloon.

Mir helped out at the cloakroom. Hanna, Quinten, Nisti and Anton took part in the panel. Quinten, Anneli and Helena did a reading of the subtitles to make sure everyone could follow the plot, since the audio was in Portuguese. Everyone seemed pleased and happy with the movie.

//Quinten Moody.