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Art in the making

After three wonderful and creative days in Luleå at Kulturens hus (House of Culture) we are now on our way back home.

Culture & Quality and our project The Culture BUREAUcrats arranged a work shop in art where the participants had the opportunity to try different materials. The work shop was arranged in collaboration with FUB Luleå.

We did some painting and sketching in the studio of the culture house and visited the gallery. There were more than 25 participants during the days.

We want to give FUB Luleå, The House of Culture and all the inspiring visitors a warm thank you. We hope that we’ll be back in the future!

Greetings from the Culture BUREAUcrat Anneli Aaltonen Krantz and Carina Pettersson, artist at Inuti.

This workshop was held in collaboration with FUB Luleå and House of Culture in Luleå. It was made possible through funding from the Swedish Inheritance fund.