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Brain and culture

A symposium on “Brain and culture” was held at the Karolinska Institute. It was a day filled with international guest lectures who talked about different themes on brain and culture.

Robert Zatorre told us about how music is connected to our reward system in the brain. That’s way music can make us happy or feel pleasure when we are listening.

Charles Spence told us about gastrophysics, a subject about the new science of the table. The pleasure of the table resides mainly in the mind and not in the mouth. We can enhance the experience of food depending on sound and music that we listen to while eating. The form and look of the porcelain also affect our experience.

Yulia Kovas told us about that genes and environment always work together. That can affect our life paths, what we choose to studie and much more. There’s not one particular gene which will decide wether we’re gonna be a math genius or get dyslexia. It’s a group of genes in collaboration which will decided that,

Dean Simonton talked about the origins of the genius. He was pondering the qualities and experiences of a person, that will make them creative.

During the day we there’s was also ballet dancer and music by sing and songwriter Sofia Karlsson. When she sang she invited us to sing with her. And a couple of brave souls also entered the stage to play and whistle during her performance.