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Galleri Bagis: Connect! Henrik Pätzke och Hanna Windarp

Come to the opening on Saturday 27 November in Bagarmossens Folkets Hus.

The exhibition runs until January 10, 2022.

Hanna Windarp is an artist who works on the basis of a classic painting tradition. The world of images is made up of different layers where images from dreams are mixed with the self-image and encounters with unknown and unexpected people from the past. In it arises a strange mixture of people, nature and things in dreamy landscapes.

Artist Henrik Pätzke writes about his works: Time is joined together: with Seams, Links, Bridges, Bindings, Knots, Stitches, Repairs, when we possess the whole world. Thoughts, ideas, lives should be lived.

For opening hours, see Bagarmossens Folkets Hus website.