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Workshop: “As Ripples on the Water” – digital broadcast

Be a part of our popular workshop and participate from home while creating your ring!

“As ripples on the water” is a workshop using simple material to create a great impact. When we come together around an idea, it can create a great impact and like water ripples it will spread, affecting us all.

Come and join us in a workshop where you, together with us, can create your own water ripple. If you got material such as textiles, ribbons, and yarn in sea weed-tones (such as green, blue, brown), bring it with you and let it become a part of your ripple!

Where: Instagram

Mondat 10 May:
13.00-13.15 @inuti_ateljeer instagram

Tuesday 11 May:
13.00-13.15 @kulturochkvalitet Instagram

More info and send us your ring:

Free of charge!

“As ripples on water” – a workshop in collaboration with Open Art, Inuti, AniAra, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Arvsfonden och Region Örebro län.