Culture and Quality’s conference 2019

Tuesday April 9th  The day started with our board member and project manager Kerstin Björsson, who gave us a warm welcome. She talked about Article 30 in the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilites and the right to cultural expression, not only for one’s own benefit, but also for the enrichment of society. […]

Culture and Quality’s conference 2018

Tuesday April 24th  Our day began at the Mooms theatre and board member Kjell Stjernholm gave everyone a warm welcome. He introduced the moderators of the conference, Hanna Björklund and Kerstin Björsson from The Conference Guide project. Play and workshop with Mooms theatre:: We watched the play “Kashtanka – a dream of the circus”. A play by […]

Culture and Quality’s conference 2017

Tuesday April 25th  The day began with lunch and check in, thereafter Johannes Lundberg from  The Conference Guide project, welcomed the audience and introduced the moderator of the day, board member Kjell Stjernholm. During the first day of our conference the following was included:  Presentation of The Conference Guide project Members Hanna Björklund and Magnus Östling from […]

Culture and Quality’s conference 2016

Thursday April 21st  We were about fifty people who got together for our first conference. We started with the Xylophone orchesta, a part of  Stora Blå Kultur, that held a concert.  Afterwards we held a conversation with the orchestra and got to try playing some of the instruments with guidance from the musicians.  Artist Anders Wettler from the […]