Culture and Quality’s conference 2018


This year our conference was held in Malmö since the work of artist Judith Scott was being exhibited at Malmö art gallery in the exhibition ODRADEK. During the day Anders Wieslander and Peter Karppinen made interviews and filming the day.

Guiding at Malmö art gallery

Tuesday April 24th 

Our day began at the Mooms theatre and board member Kjell Stjernholm gave everyone a warm welcome. He introduced the moderators of the conference, Hanna Björklund and Kerstin Björsson from The Conference Guide project.

Play and workshop with Mooms theatre:: 
We watched the play “Kashtanka – a dream of the circus”. A play by Anton Tjechov about Kashtanka the dog who lives a peaceful life with her owner. But one day the peace is disturbed and Kashtanka find herself ending up in the circus. But is the reality of circus life the same as in her dreams? What is happiness and is she happy at the circus?

Mooms theatres producent Sandra Johansson made a presentation of the theatre and project manager Sanne Hellberg told us about the project The Cake. We participated in a workshop held by the actors Dennis Nilsson and Frida Schriver who taught us more about the importance of warming up as an actor.

Annual meeting
During the annual meeting board members Kerstin Björsson, Malin Lucchesi and Camilla Lucchesi were re-elected. Kjell Stjernholm had to step down in advance and was replaced by Marie Lindblad from Culture centre West. Niklas Böhme was elected as a new board member and all nine seats in the board are now taken. 

During the night we had dinner at MAT and listened to music played by the entertainment of the evening. Calle Doolke, aka General Crazy the lead singer of the band Crazy Mike, sang songs from both the band and his upcoming solo album. 

Wednesday April 25th

The day began at Kulturhuset Mazetti and Hanna Björklund and Kerstin Björsson welcomed all newcomers to the conference. 

Skånes dancetheater and Culture centre Skåne:
Tanja Mangalanayagam and Frida Lovén from Skånes dancetheater made a presentation of their work and organization. They talked about how they work with dance and the non-normative body. How does it work when you’re sitting in a wheelchair and dance? Mostly the same way as everyone else, but with your own interpretation of movements. 

Culture centre Skåne with Åsa Wallin-Pinhao and Alice Lund Papiernik told us about their work and the kinds of cultural expression they work with. They showed us movies and told us about the collaborations resulting in a dance movie project, amongst other things. They held a dance and movement workshop with focus on following the line. 

We had a walk to our lunch at August no stress surf café

After that we saw the exhibition ODRADEK at Malmö art gallery, with internationally known Judith Scott (1943-2005) who was one of the big names. The exhibition guides had a walking workshop and a conversation us as we went through it. The name ODRADEK comes from one of Franz Kafka’s short stories “The cares of a family man” and is about the strange creature Odradek. Odradek is a tassle like creature with the ability to move around, talk and laugh. The sculptures of Scott are made care and materials such as textile, yarn and other kind of materials which she twinned and braided around everyday things.

We ended this year’s conference and gave every participant a big thank you.

Konferensens samarbete

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