AVTRYCK – creative workshops


AVTRYCK is a three year project that started in April 2022.
It is financed by Allmänna Arvsfonden.

The aim of the project is that people with intellectual and / or neuropsychiatric disabilities hold creative workshops for professionals. It can for example be medical staff, police officers or housing supporters.

We offer space for connection and meetings where people with disabilities are in a leadership role. We want to leave an imprint (avtryck) and make a difference.

Why does AVTRYCK exist?

Among many occupational groups, there is a lack of real encounters with people with disabilities.

Police officers, medical staff and firefighters need to make quick decisions in emergency situations. Having positive experiences with people with, for example, Down Syndrome can help in demanding situations.

Even in professional groups that meet the target group often, there is often a need to gain increased knowledge and reflect on attitudes.

There are cultural workers with disabilities who have the knowledge and experience of leading workshops in dance, visual arts and of being discussion moderators. We find it important to continue to strengthen the voices of these cultural workers and to give more people the opportunity to become workshop leaders.

Artistic expression provides wider opportunitues for communication, especially when looking for alternatives to verbal communication. Thus, through strengthening artistic expression we enable greater participation and influence in society.

Our goals

Workshops to professionals
We offer workshops to professional groups where people with disabilities lead creative workshops. The purpose is to promote more knowledge and understanding for each other.
Leadership training
We train more people to become workshop leaders in visual arts, dance and discussion moderators. We collaborate with organisatons around the country
Educational material
We develop a concept for professional development. We create educational material that is spread and used also after the end of the project.

Cecilia Tzaou

Project manager


Viktoria Siwek

Project leader


Anneli Aaltonen Krantz

Project leader


Sara Lilja



Jennifer Drotz Ruhn



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