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A creative week in Södertälje

During the second week of March the municipality of Södertälje arranged a “Creative week”. That was a week when they offered creative activities for people with or without a disability. There was exhibitions, seminars, workshops and more.

KoK and the CultureBUREAUcrats project participated by leading three workshops in the studio next door to the Södertälje art gallery.

We called a workshop for “Sketch and pain as Picasso”. The participants worked in the style of Picasso and cubism while drawing a still life. The leaders of the workshops was artist from studio Inuti. The where about 40 participants during the week in various ages, and they all had the opportunity to work with coal and graphite. They worked with mixed media used acrylics while painting.

We found the collaboration very interesting and fun to be a part of. We learned a lot about ourselves as well.

The meeting inspired us to meet and create together. We are looking forward to keep on collaboration wit the municipality of Södertälje.