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This is Culture and Quality

• We are a nonprofit NGO (non-governmental organization) supporting the development of quality in the arts made by artists with a learning disability or neuropsychiatric disability.

• We believe in the capacity of the artist.

• We work with ways of displaying and promoting the arts made by artists with a learning disability or neuropsychiatric disability.

• We inform about the UN convention on the right of persons with disabilities: article 30 and the right to participate in the cultural life of society.

• Our firm belief is that critique promotes quality and development of the arts, hence our name Culture and Quality. 

We work with different projects

We at KoK think that Article 30 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is important. Article 30 deals with everyone’s right to take part in culture and the opportunity to create culture. Not only in their own interest, but also for the enrichment of society.

We want cultural workers with disabilities to become a natural part of society’s cultural life.

Examples of what we do:
• Organizes a cultural conference every year
• Awards a grant once a year
• Develops and maintains various cultural activities
• Runs and collaborates in cultural projects
• Runs a culture agency
• Magazine iMAGO – a cultural magazine


Become a member of KoK

As a member of our association you are part of an inherently shared engagement and network which aims toward the development of knowledge and quality by organizations working with artists with learning disabilities and neuropsychiatric disabilities. 
As a member you:

• Get acess to our cultural agency:
1 person = 1 profile,
1 organisation = 10 profiles.
• Half off our culture magazine iMAGO
• Become a part of our network in Sweden and abroad.
• Reduced conference fee. 
• Invitation to activities. 
• News and information. 
• Be a part of our social media feed.
• You activities in our calendar.

Membership Fee

Your annual membership fee is valid for a calender year:

• 100 SEK per person 
• 500 SEK for organisations and companies 

Do you want to become a member and support our cause? 

Mail ekonomi@kulturochkvalitet.se
What we need to know:
• Name /Organisation 
• Address (notify us if you have an invoice address) 
• Contact person 
• Email and phone 

KoK:s bank giro: 767-8824
KoK:s corporate identity number: 802493-8857
Swish: 123 05 76 942

Questions about membership or your invoice?
Email: ekonomi@kulturochkvalitet.se

The KoK grant

KoK has a grant that is awarded once a year. The first award ceremony was held in 2020. In order to receive the KoK grant, you have worked with Article 30 of the UN’s “Convention on the rights for people with disabilities” for the enrichment of society and culture. Article 30 is a reason why KoK exists and KoK points to the importance of every cultural worker having a place and voice in society.

KoK selects grant recipients. A grants committee in the board chooses who among the nominees will receive the KoK grant. The winner receives SEK 5,000, a work of art, and the challenge prize “Angeldemon” made by Robert Söderholm. Conferences ›

Contact us

Find us in Sweden!

KoK is a national association. Many of us can be found in Stockholm, but we have members from all over Sweden. We have a large network and contacts in Sweden and abroad. 

Contact us about:
• General or specific questions about culture, contacts and accessibility
• Information or inquiries about activities and organizations
• Inquiries about collaboration

Things we can help you with:
• Contact persons and networks
• Support and advice.
• Activities, conferences, projects and much more

Questions and inquiries in general

To get in contact with our projects, visit their page.
You can find our secretariat in Stockholm.

Get in touch with the board or the secretariat! >>>

Questions about membership or you invoice

Billing adress or postal/visitor adress Stockholm:
Kultur och Kvalitet
Tellusgången 26
126 26 Hägersten

Give us a call: +46 (0)76-671 27 66

    Get in contact with us!

    You can also get in contact with us by using this form. Please tell us if you have a preferred way of getting in contact with us.

    State Parties shall take appropriate measures to enable persons with disabilities to have the opportunity to develop and utilize their creative, artistic, and intellectual potential, not only for their own benefit but also for the enrichment of society. 

    – Article 30, UN:s “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”.