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So long from the CultureBUREAUcrats!

31 st of May was the last day of our project the CultureBUREAUcrats. The start of our project was on the 1 st of March in 2018. The aim of our project was to close the gap between culture workers with disabilities and cultural institutions. We have been working with producing events, education, create a culture agency: Kulturförmedling and start our secretariat.

During our last year we have focused on our digital development and tried differens events on Zoom.

We had a Zoom conversation about Article 30 in UN:s Convention on Rights of Persons with disabilities. Malin and Camilla Lucchesi told us about their work with the Article 30 in there home municipality

Tomas “Mr. Positive” Fogelholm gave us his all when he sang his song “Dare to be different”!

Our second Zoom conversation was all about film. The international film festival Oska Bright in England with the producers Lizzie Banks and Sarah Watson told us all about the festival and how to submit a movie.

Artist Hugo Karlsson and project manager Lotte Nilsson-Välimaa from Inuti told us about their project Out By Art. And then we had a screening of Hugo’s film “You and Eye”, the winner of his class in Oska Bright 2019.

At the end of May, the project group met in Stockholm to discuss and to evaluate the project. Member of the group were: Helena Petersson, Anneli Aaltonen Krantz, Hanna Björklund, Hanna Windarp, Kerstin Björsson, Mats Eriksson, Anders Wieslander and Sara Lilja.

Our conclusion: we are very pleased with all our work. We outperformed ourselves with everything we did and are proud of what we managed to do!

We are grateful for the Swedish Inheritance Fund, Allmänna Arvsfonden, who gave us funding and made us possible!