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The White Swan on tour

The non profit organisation Vita Svanen (The White Swan) in Oerebro is offering music theatre as an activity on your spare time for people with disabilities. Now they’re thinking about how to work in the future. We invited them to visit the Mosaikteatern and Medis5 in Stockholm. Hans-Erik and Torunn from Vita Svanen took the train to Stockholm.

Mosaik is working with stage performance: physical theatre and dance. It’s also a workplace for people with disabilities. The work with professional teachers and coaches, who also works with dance and theatre. There’s also coaches with education or experience in social work.

At Mosaik Hans-Erik and Torunn got to know more about the routines and their principles on health. If your work with dance and theatre, then you need the stamina to do so. They attended a repetion in dance and in theatre.

Anders and Kerstin from KoK accompanied them when they continued to Medis, where Anders works.

Medis5 is a workplace for anyone who’s interested in making culture. At Medis5 you find actors, musicians, photographers, moviemakers and more. The produce things such as performances in theatre, music and art. They focus on the creativity and the power in the expression of every person.

The gave us an presentation on how the work with different expressions of art. They showed us their own Bayeux tapestry. We got to listen at some music from the Sprak orchestra and watch some movies made by the media group.

The Surra theatre gave us a performance on the subject human rights. The performed different situation in which people were discriminated because of reasons such as age, disability, ethnicity, sexuality and so on. The also gave us the advice if you work with a lot of things at the same time and seldom meet, focus might be difficult.

It was a day with many impressions and food for thought in the future. Vita Svanen will continue to think about their future development and KoK will support them.

This day was made possible thanks to Allmänna Arvsfonden and Region Örebro län Kultur.