About us

This is Culture and Quality 

• We are a non profit NGO (non governmental organization) supporting the development of quality in the arts made by artists with a learning disability or neuropsychiatric disability. 

• We believe in the capacity of the artist. 

• We work with ways of displaying and promoting the arts made by artists with alearning disability or neuropsychiatric disability

• We inform about the UN convention on the right of persons with disabilities: article 30 and the right to participate in the cultural life of society.

• Our firm belief is that critique promotes quality and development of the arts, hence our name Culture and Quality. 

We are a culture agency! 

We have a cultural agency where you can search for artist and various kinds of culture.
As an artist or organization, you can create a profile to show your works. If you organize culture activities, you are welcome to use our agency to find what you are looking for. 
The agency is in Swedish, so contact us if you have a question!

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The Board

Helena Petersson



Kerstin Björsson

Economy and project manager
+46 (0) 76-67 12 766


Camilla Lucchesi

Secretary and board member


Anneli Aaltonen Krantz

Board member and project manager


Hanna Björklund

Board member


Olle Norberg

Board member


Britta Jonsson

Board member


Malin Lucchesi Johansen

Board member


Niklas Böhme

Board member


Annual meeting

The annual meeting of KoK is on 10.15AM-12.00PM March 25th, at Sjöhistoriska in Stockholm.
You can find the documents of our annual meeting below. Swedish only, contact us if you have questions about them. 

Annual meeting documents

Dagordning Årsmöte (PDF)
Verksamhetsberättelse (PDF)
Preliminär Resultaträkning (PDF)
Preliminär Balansräkning (PDF)
Revisionsberättelse (PDF)
Budget 2020 (PDF)

Board meeting

Our board meetings are held about 4-5 times a year.

20190314 Styrelsemöte
20190628 Styrelsemöte
20190917 Styrelsemöte
20191122 Styrelsemöte
20200120 Styrelsemöte


Last revised at the annual meeting 2017-04-25

§ 1 Name and headquartes The name of our association is Culture and Quality – an association for the arts made by artists with learning disabilities and neuropsychiatric disabilities (hereafter mentioned as NPD). Our headquarters are located in Stockholm.

§ 2 Organisation and purpose Culture and Quality is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit association. 
Purpose: Promote quality in artistry.
Aim: Develop and inform in the area of “quality and artistry made by artists with NPD”. 

§ 3 Financial year Calendar year.

§ 4 Regualtions on the work of the association Arrange an annual and national conference on the subject “culture and quality made by artists with NPD”. 
Arrange activities that promote quality in the mentioned area. 
Watch over the development in other countries in the mentioned area.
Create a climate that promotes critique, development and an atmosphere of learning for organizations in the mentioned area. 
The development of quality in methods.

§ 5 Regulations on membership and exclution  Becoming a member in the association means that you have approved our by-laws and paid the annual fee. A member can be either a private individual or an organization. 
To be excluded from the association means that you oppose our aim and purpose, or do not pay our annual fee.

§ 6 Regulations on setting the annual membership fee  The membership fee is decided at the annual meeting.

§ 7 Regulations on right to vote and decesion making  A single member gets one (1) vote. Organizations get ten (10) votes. The annual meeting is the highest decision-making body and will choose the board and the nominating committee.

§ 8 Constitution and regulations of the board  The members of the board consist of 3-9 persons. The constitution of the board is decided by the board itself. 
Board members are elected on a two-year mandate.
The board is representing, looking after and managing the association.
The board makes its decisions on behalf of the association, unless otherwise stated in the by-laws.
The board will meet when the chairman calls upon it, or if at least three board member request it.
The board are able to make decisions if at least half of the board members attend.
Decisions are made by the board by simple majority. In case of a tied vote, the chairperson’s opinion is assisted, however the decision is settled by drawing of lots.

§ 9 About the accountant  The administration of the board is party to an annual control by an accountant elected by the annual meeting. The accountant should submit the audit report latest 30thof April, each year.

§ 10 Annual meeting The ordinary annual meeting, the decision-making body of the highest level, will be held before the end of May at a time and place decided by the board. The summons will be sent to members of the association at least 14 days in advance of the annual meeting and at least 14 days in advance when an extra annual meeting is held. The summons will be sent via digital channels.
During ordinary annual meeting, the following agenda shall be treated: 
1. Election of chairperson and secretary for the meeting.
2. Confirmation on the voters roll.
3. Election of the votes and protocol controllers.
4. Question on wether the summoning has been correct.
5. Confirmation regarding the agenda of the day.
6. a) The board’s annual report.
b) The board’s annual financial report.
7. The annual audit report.
8. Question on wether the board is granted freedom of liability.
9. Confirmation of the membership fee.
10. Confirmation of the activities and financial budget of the year to come.
11. Election of the board member on a years mandate.
12. Election of an accountant.
13. Election of the nominating committee.
14. Procession of propositions made by the board or other propositions.
15. Other questions.
Bigger decisions of great importance to the association are not to be made by the association and its members unless this has been announced in the summons to the annual meeting. 

§ 11 Extra annual meeting An extra annual meeting can be held whenever the board or the accountant call upon it or 1/10 of the association’s members call upon it by submitting a written request to the board. The content of such request should address the matter/matters that the extra annual meeting ought to handle. At the extra annual meeting only matters mentioned in the summoning are to be handled.

§ 12 Regulations on changing the by-laws  To make changes in the by-laws a decision during an annual meeting supported by 2/3 of the voters is required. Propositions on the change of by-laws can be made by the members of the association or the board.

§ 13 Disbandment of the association In the case of the disbandment of the association the annual meeting will make that decision with the support of 2/3 of the voters. If the association faces disbandment its resources will be given to an association with similar aim or a good cause.
A copy of the annual meetings protocol handling the disbandment of the association is to be sent to the Swedish Tax Agency requesting the de-registration of the association.